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Cougar Dating Guide

Know Your Stand in The Relation

Knowing the place, you have in your relationship with a cougar is one of the most important tips according to an ideal cougar dating guide. Generally, a cougar looks for such a man who can accompany her and entertain her. Don’t keep on imagining yourself as the eye candy, as you need to evolve too as the relationship progresses.

Don’t Go with The Misconception

Cougars only want sex is probably the most common misconception that young men have. But, as a lover and girlfriend, they too crave for attention, surprises, and actions to make them feel special. Sex is important, but don’t forget about winning her heart.

Be Mature and Act Like One

If you’re thinking that after starting to date a cougar you can act like an immature that you used to do with your young girlfriends, then you’re mistaking. It has been observed that the majority of the older women prefer young date partners who don’t act stupid or childishly. Talk and act like a mature man, as cougars aren’t some teenage girls you’re dating.

Don’t Hesitate to Act Bold

Believe it or not, but it’s the boldness that the older women like the most. So, it’s better not to hold yourself back from being bold if you want to get the attention of an older woman. Making a direct eye contact is the best thing to show a cougar that you have the aggression and boldness that they are looking for.