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Information of Date Night

1. Do not talk about the kids, bills or work. This time is for the two of you to connect. Remember all the useless things you used to talk about when first dating? Do that. Or even better. Talk about where you are now. Ask open-ended questions. Take an active role in listening. You two chose each other. All the things that have happened over the course of the years surely have changed the both of you. Have you talked about them? Have you shared you deepest thoughts. Or did you hold back out of fear? The point that I am making is, talk about the real you. Make it all about the two of you tonight.

2. Get out of your comfort zone. Relationship routine can be deadly. Be open to spontaneous adventures. Nothing brings people together like new experiences. My wife and I were once at the state fair. We saw they had helicopter rides, and we both knew we had to do it. Out of the comfort zone and bucket list. Check! What about you?

3 Give a little get a little. If you have different ideas of fun, take turns each planning a date. Sure you may have to sit though something that may not excite you. But, how many times did you do that when you were first dating? To connect intimately, sometimes the best thing you can do is to simply give.

4. I can not state this enough. Please put the phone down. Nothing will kill date night faster than you taking a work call, checking a text or responding to an email. I know that sometimes this will be unavoidable, but make it the exception. If you do pull out your phone, take a picture because you’re having fun.

5. Should you double date? That’s entirely up to you. But again, date night is about building intimacy between you and your spouse. So yes to the double dating, but try to leave it to once a month.

6. How often should date night occur? Once a week is optimal. There is an old saying that states, “you should meditate 20 minutes everyday. If you’re too busy for 20 minutes, make it an hour.” I use the same principle for date night. Surely you can find 30 minutes a week for your spouse. Even if it’s just time for coffee and connection.